1. Nicotine

From the recording NICOTINE


I can't
Can't say no
No control

Over my own need
I need to
To consume

To cum soon
I'm deaf to myself
When It speaks

Speaks to me
So softly
Into my ear always whispering

Tryn to temp me
So gently
Directs me directly

to where it met me

Back down the path it's never ending
Can't change the way that I am

Now that I'm here again
Back to where it began

With me through thick and thin
My enemy and my friend

Addicted to something
we all abuse

You don't choose
It chooses you

Can't find an excuse?
Well It will find you

Couldn't stop
if You wanted to

Addicted to something
we all abuse

You don't use
It uses you

Can't find an excuse
Well it'll find you

Can't hide
From whats Inside of you

It can't
Can't let go

Of control
Over its own need
It needs to

To consume
Someone soon

It's deaf to requests
That it gets
Gets from me

So strongly
Begging to let me
let it be

But it seems
To need me
It gets what I give

Until I'm empty
Selfishly helping me
To end me m

Can't change the way it is

Addicted to something we all abuse
Can't find an excuse well it will find you