Jake Davies - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Luke Davies - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Rob Gravely - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Christopher "Bug" Bristol - Drums

Brothers Jake and Luke Davies were raised in Melbourne, Australia. Growing up on rock ’n’ roll, they developed a passion for playing music together, one that would lead them to Long Beach, California. Touring with Wolfmother, Blue Oyster Cult, Adelitas Way, Hinder and their great friends Joyous Wolf over the past two years has helped them garner a devoted fanbase nationwide. The band has just finished a new EP with producer Mike Pepe at Barefoot Studios in Hollywood. Following its release in early 2020, Of Limbo expects a year of heavy touring with the help of their booking agent TKO. 

Of Limbo is the sound of rock's future...not it's past.

We are living in an era in which seemingly no new artistic ideas exist. Following the trend of movies rebooting franchises of the past, bands are now doing the same; counterfeiting the successful sounds of a forgone era. There is still new musical territory to be explored.